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Black Labrador Gifts

Historical review of the Black Labradors

Back in history, as far as the 17th century, water dogs were used by hunters and fishermen in Canada. These were called Newfoundland, Labrador (Greenland was once called Labrador) or St. John´s Dogs, depending on their location.

These early dogs were medium in size, had curled coats, carried the genetic factor to produce spotting, and tended to a high tail. Breeding was not attempted formally, but from these dogs eventually stemmed the modern Newfoundland and Land seer, as well as the Labrador, Flat-Coat and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Throughout the world, trading ships, fishing vessels and exploratory expeditions provided continuous ongoing traffic.

Most ships had dogs on board, and the crossing of various imported types with the native population of dogs was well documented. By 1800, these retrieving dogs were being sold into England by ships plying from the Canadian coast. But, later that century, a heavy dog taxes caused a great reduction in the breed in Canada and, more importantly, the creation of the English quarantine laws essentially prevented further importation. Thus, although the root stock came from Canada, the modern development of the breed occurred in England.

Willing-to-please perhaps best describes the Labrador. The breed, overall, is sensible, even-tempered, intelligent, and possesses strong natural abilities in marking and retrieving. The short, easy-care coat and very docile temperament make the Labrador a favourite pet, who can-year round-run with the kids, catch a flying disc in the park, join the family by the fire, and still double as a hunting companion. Because of his fairly large size and his designated lifestyle as an active, athletic dog, soundness is of prime importance.

Early Labradors sported a large variety of types and colors, including spotted and brindle. The Flat-Coat was enjoying great favour during the 19th century, and the Labrador was not granted Kennel Club recognition until after the turn of the century. But, once he came to prominence, he stayed on top. Labs are now in the first five breeds in both England and America and maintain their popularity as duck dogs par excellence. In American retriever field trials, the Labrador dominates to the point of exclusion. He enjoys a sterling reputation as an upland bird flusher out, companion, drug detector, obedience competitor and good guide dog for the blind.

The ideal Labrador is described as slightly longer than tall, with a robust, muscular build. His distinctive "otter" tail is covered by short, thick hair; he should never show any fringe on the underside of the tail! The double coat is quite waterproof, requiring frequent brushing only during the spring shedding season.

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