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Beware of the dog signs can discourage would be burglars, but they aren’t very pretty. Pet lovers everywhere are catching onto the idea of security doormats. How can doormats improve security, I hear you twitter? Well John Pearson at Doormats-Uk.Com believes they can.

Burglars intent on, ‘casing your joint’ often visit properties first with some lame excuse, ‘sorry to trouble you madam, but we are collecting on behalf of the fund for disabled deaf and blind children’. They can then assess the prospects for a future raid. Even better if they can gain entry to your house first, ‘It’s time for your next meter reading Miss’.

Enter the concept of deterrent doormats. Doormats-UK.Com has an extensive range of dog doormats each with a picture of your favorite dog. Alsatian, Doberman, Rottweiler.........even Black Labrador or Yorkshire Terrier. Dogs of any size or breed are the burglar’s nightmare. Noisy snarling and ferocious with painful teeth!  

Imagine now what the prospective thief is thinking as he stands at your door, looking down at a beautiful picture door mat with two very large black Labradors on it!! He’s not thinking about stroking them. That picture of your loving pets has turned into a great security device..... he is moving along quickly in search of less hazardous pickings. (Pet owners often have these lovely doormats, he does not know that you don’t actually even have a dog!)

Not only can a doggy doormat help with the security of you property, but they are very decorative, and give a lovely welcome to your friends, family and genuine visitors. Nearly all breeds are stocked and they make great gifts as well.

Visit www.Doormats-UK.Com to view the range of over 100 mats

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